Incorporate prayer into your exercise routine

Think of prayer as the exercise of your soul!

“Walk and Talk”

Join Father Walsh on Tuesdays during Lent at 12:10 PM until 12:40 PM in the Church for “Walk and Talk”

Walk the inside perimeter of the Church with Father Walsh as you are presented with some reflection questions.

Other ideas when you exercise….

  • Begin by thanking God for the physical ability to move and exercise.
  • Ask God to look after people who no longer have mobility because of injury, illness or aging. Try to remember that God created your physical self and He is pleased you are taking the time to work out so don’t feel guilty!
  • As you exercise, pray in any way that speaks to you, formally or informally. Maybe say a decade of the rosary at the top of each 15 minute exercise interval. Or speak to God about the times you have strayed from Him. Ask Him to help make your prayer life part of your routine just like your exercise.

Here’s another way to pray while working out-


A is for adoration – Praising and recognizing God for all of His glory and majesty.
C is for confession – Get real with your weaknesses and what separates you from Him.
T is for thanksgiving – Time of thanks for all of your many blessings.
I is for invitation – This is where most prayers start. “God, I need you to…” or “God, please help me with…”
O is for other’s needs – Friends, family, neighbors, etc.
N is for next step – Now stop talking and listen. If prayer is really communicating with God, it needs to be a two-way street. Silently listen to what He is saying to you.