Turn your most mundane tasks into a time to pray for someone who needs it.

 “Your menial tasks have eternal and glorious ramifications when done for Him and His glory.”

Think of the many tedious tasks you perform throughout the day. It could be simply your commute home from work and the impatient feeling to be back in the comfort of your home. Perhaps it is the mundane task of unstacking the dishwasher or running an endless load of laundry. How about when we want a simple question answered and you are put on hold for several minutes on the phone. All are frustrating.  Next time, consider pausing when faced with such a task and offer up a prayer for someone that needs it. Maybe when faced with an undesirable task of paperwork at home or at work, write down the initials of someone that needs God’s wisdom, strength and guidance. Pray for that person as you perform that less than pleasant task.

Maybe also consider expressing a sense of gratitude to our Lord when doing monotonous tasks. For example, maybe the ride home can become a prayer of thanks for having a job and a car to transport you. Folding yet another load of laundry can become a prayer of gratefulness for having good appliances and nice clothes to wash. Reframe your thinking!