Read 10 minutes of scripture or read a bible story to your kids or grandkids

Take 10 minutes of your day to open up your Bible and read scripture. One of the primary ways two people express love for each other is through words, sometimes spoken, sometimes written. The Bible is like God’s love letter to us; it’s an invitation to know God more deeply. Sometimes our prayers, our conversations with God, can feel as though they are one-sided. Often when we pray, we tend to fill the silence and do all the talking; pouring our own thoughts and words out to God. When we accompany prayer with reading the Bible, we move from a lopsided conversation into dialogue with God by listening to His words. The Scriptures reveal God’s plan, speak truth, and challenge us to change. God’s work, while timeless, offers timely wisdom for all circumstance or challenges we face.

Begin with a prayer that your time with the Bible will draw you closer to God. Carefully and attentively read a passage – the Gospels are a great place to start! Place yourself the story you just read. Stand in the shoes of the main character or bystanders witnessing the events unfold. How would you feel? How would you react? Meditate and reflect on what you have read, and ask yourself, “How does this message fit in with my life?” God may be calling you to make a change in your life, or you may find encouragement that you need during a difficult time. Pray for the strength to live out the message received in your heart throughout your day.