TMIY (That Man Is You!) Men’s Ministry

Men, beginning on September 24 2021, our parish will be starting a new men’s ministry, That Man is You (TMIY) led by Deacon Marty.  This ministry addresses the pressures and temptations that men both single and married in all age groups face in our modern culture.  Through the harmonization of current social and medical science, coupled with the teachings of the church and the wisdom of the saints, men are lead to the vision of being fully alive in their faith. In other words, to become true disciples of Jesus Christ, filled with courage and zeal that comes from being a son of God.  That Man is You! Designed as an interactive multimedia men’s program appeals to men in a media-dominated culture.  It consists of meeting for a session once a week session for 13 weeks.  Each session will be held Friday morning for about 1.5 hours.  It starts with breakfast followed by a video presentation then a small group discussion and dismissal.  The early morning time allows participants time for fellowship prior to the start of the work day leading into the weekend.  In the coming weeks we will have more information available and sign up through registration will begin on weekends in early September.       


  • Any questions, please reach out to Deacon Marty Dinan at