The Buff Family:  We first came to Loudonville in 1940 when “Grandpa Buff” accepted a position at Siena College.  Their decision to join St. Pius was based on the strong recommendation of the Franciscan Friars at the college.  

There are many reasons why our family have chosen to continue at St. Pius. From the tiny chapel on Route 9, we have been able to watch St. Pius flourish in size and numbers of parishioners.  Whether small or large, it has always provided us with a wonderful place to pray and worship.  The addition of the school gave our five children an opportunity to learn about their Catholic faith and Christian values that are so necessary while raising a family.

We have been so fortunate not only to see our children but also our grandchildren  and now our first great granddaughter receive their sacraments of the church which has great meaning for us.

Under the leadership of Father Farano, Father Walsh and past pastors, we have seen our parish grow in” leaps and bounds”.  We are confident our parish will continue to grow as Father Walsh is always striving to develop programs that are welcomed by present and new parishioners.