What people are saying about St. Pius X:

Love my church. Father Walsh is the best priest I’ve ever met. He is a great leader and his homilies always have pearls of wisdom that help in everyday life.

G. Dunkel

It’s difficult to put your finger on what is best about this parish. Our whole family loves Father Walsh, and yes, his homilies are super relevant and helpful for everyday challenges, but I have to say, the parish community, the people themselves make this parish so, so special. I’m a lifelong Catholic and I’ve never felt such a sense of community as I have in this parish.

T. Connell

Father Walsh is an incredibly gifted Pastor. His homilies are so meaningful and applicable to everyday life. St. Pius X is a very active parish with something to offer to everyone.

F. Patience

This is our Church. It’s vital with lots of young faces from the school. The Music Ministry is strong. It seems to keep us comfortable with tradition and challenge us to grow and change in a nice balance.

P. Adikes, Sr.

I had never attended Mass at St. Pius X before.  I came for 9:00 Mass that was being said for a family member.  After standing outside the chapel I felt like I’d been attending here all my life because the parishioners were all so welcoming!


Just got married in the side chapel. What a wonderful experience. Father Walsh made everything so easy and enjoyable and he made the sacrament feel so intimate and yet time-tested. In his homily he recommended to come back every year on anniversaries to privately repeat our vows to each other. Certainly will do so. St Pius has welcomed me and my husband as family. If you are looking for a place to belong and maybe even to participate (sooooo many and varied opportunities to volunteer) – just come and try it.

A. Lyons

Wow, where do I begin? St. Pius X isn’t just a school or a parish, it’s a community that comes together and bonds into a family. I graduated in 2002, my son is currently attending St. Pius X as will all my kids and also a proud member of our beautiful parish. The knowledge I gained from this school and parish is just unexplainable. I was able to learn all of my studies but also learn about our Lord at the same time. Mr. Mullahy was/is always doing his best to make sure each and every child in that school is gaining knowledge both comfortably and at the right pace. Father Walsh? Absolutely amazing! Father Walsh, along side of St. Pius X staff stood by my side for one of the hardest things that I ever had to do. While I was going through it, I was able to form a bond with our Lord that would have never been possible without Father Walsh and the St. Pius X community. Father Walsh extended his hand in the hospital, in our home, during his time just so I could talk. God puts people in our lives for a reason, and this community is one of them and Mr. Mullahy and Father Walsh are amazing human beings and even better mentors for generations ahead! Thank you!!

A. Mann

SPX is our family and where we feel at home. God is with us.

J. Rotolo