Your sadness is lessened when you are able to share

Loss in our lives often hits us unexpectedly. And at that moment we are filled with a lot of powerful emotions including despair, sadness and uncertainty. The “Seasons of Hope” bereavement group at St. Pius X is there to help people know that they can share their grief, and share their story. We believe that through collective sharing and prayer, your sadness can be lessened.

Susan Ikenhoffer is our program lead and what lead her to “share 10” was her own personal experience with loss and grief. Leading this program and working with so many has been rewarding and led to some unexpected friendships. “I wanted to give love to people who need love!” is a beautiful testament to the commitment Susan and team have to help others. She firmly believes that if you have a plan to give of your time and talents, if you know what you want to do – that somehow you will find the time to give. It comes from your heart’s calling and just you being willing to just do it!