On Wednesday, September 18, from 6:30 – 7:30 pm, we will hold an evening of silent prayer for healing in the church in response to the sexual abuse scandal.  You are invited to come at any point during this hour to offer up your personal prayers for victims and their families, and for our Church. Please feel free to come and go as your schedule allows.

Following our hour of prayer, we will have light refreshments in the gathering area for anyone that would like to stay. Sometimes, when a family is in pain, there is a need to be together. Similarly, we hope this evening provides you that chance to be with your church family as we navigate this difficult time. At 7:45 pm, I will be in the chapel and will give a brief overview of Bishop Barron’s book, Letter to a Suffering Church which addresses the abuse scandal and offers hope.  Many people have shared with me the consolation they have felt in reading this book and we will have copies available that evening for anyone who may wish to take a copy home and read it.

I will continue to be available to speak with anyone on this issue who may have a desire to do so.

Fr. Walsh