“From a Heart of Gratitude, We Share 10”

Discover your gifts, unleash your passion, transform our Church

In our busy times it continues to be a challenge to balance all aspects of our lives!  At St. Pius, we encourage parishioners to strive to find this balance, to give a proper portion of their time to prayer, worship, to their family and to community involvement.

With a spirit of gratitude with what you have been given, we encourage you to pray and ask God to reveal to you the unique gifts and talents he has given you and how you are to let your faith be moved into action within our community.  The irony is that when we spend time in service to the Gospel, we then become closer to the Lord more than ever!  That’s why our Share 10 Initiative is so important.  We need to move our St. Pius X parish community from a great community to one that is excellent in calling and forming disciples.  Take the next step in your relationship with Jesus and prayerfully consider how you might serve here at St. Pius.

Click the testimonials below to see how, with a heart of gratitude, your fellow parishioners choose to Share 10!

Larry Ostwald

Dan Jason

Patti Audino

Heather Thomas

Susan Ikenhoffer

Jack Egan

Fran Johnson