Interactive video earth science based curriculum supplement. 

Play games and learn all about animals

Geography and animals 

Hands on Elem science videos 


Science simulations, scientist profiles, and other digital resources for middle school science and high school biology

Science podcasts to listen to with your kids 

Alaskan Wildlife cams 

Amphibian unit studies  

All sorts of learning here if you dig in 

Tests kids’ geography skills. Using images from Google’s Street View, it plops players down in the middle of the street and asks them to figure out where they are.  

A human visualization platform that allows students to explore the human body in really cool ways

Science, Math, Social Studies 

Daily free science or cooking experiments to do at home.


K-5 Science lessons  

Science, Math, Social Studies 

80+ do at home science activities 

Science projects that can be completed with or without internet access  

Learn all about earthquakes 

Learn all about the periodic table  

Farmer’s almanac for kids…  Date, weather, moon phase, etc.  

Space science for kiddos  

Learn all about cells  

Tons of science experiments that you can do at home 

Just explore, have fun, and learn some science along the way.  

This NASA initiative covers a wide range of topics including weather, climate, atmosphere, water, energy, plants, and animals.  

Ask Dr. Universe is a science-education project from Washington State University. Kids can send Dr. Universe any question they may have about history, geography, plants, animals, technology, engineering, math, culture, and more. 

From rainbows to tornadoes and winter storms to tsunamis, meteorologist Crystal Wicker breaks down the fascinating world of weather

This educational website hosted by the Smithsonian Museum takes a deep dive into ocean life.