St. Pius X Church Reopening

Church is reopened with the following weekend schedule:  

  • Saturday Vigil:  5:00 pm                                     
  • Sunday Mass:  8:00 am and 10:00 am

For those of you who have concerns about attending weekend Mass at this time:

The dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass ended the weekend of June 5 and 6, however, those who are vulnerable or even simply uncomfortable attending a public liturgy are encouraged to remain at home and view Mass via livestreams which can be viewed from the links on our parish homepage.

If you have reservations about coming to church on the weekends, our Mass can be viewed online via Facebook and YouTube.  Links are on our parish home page.

A few items of importance:

  • Contract tracing forms are now optional. If you would like to be contacted in the event of a positive Covid case at St. Pius, please click here.
  • Entry to Mass will be through the main entrance to the church (off Crumitie Road) and on the Stafford Street side.  Church doors will open 30 minutes prior to the start of each Mass.
  • Mask procedures
    • For unvaccinated people, or those who feel uncomfortable not social distancing, seating will be available on the Chapel and side of the Church where masks and social distancing will be required
    • For vaccinated people, the seating will be in the main section of the Church and the choir loft, and the Stafford Street side; no social distancing and masks will be optional
    • Our overflow area will continue to be the Parish Center, where seating will be social distanced and masks optional
  • When the number of parishioners equals the number of persons permitted, remaining parishioners will be directed to the Parish Center until that fills.
  • Restrooms are open by the front door to Church as well as the ones near the parish center for those using overflow seating in there.  Please try to visit the restroom at home before you arrive.
  • Holy Water fonts are empty.  Health safety restrictions will not allow the use of the sacramental Holy Water in this way.  However, it is most appropriate to continue the gesture of making the sign of the cross upon entering church.
  • There will be no basket passed during the collection.  Baskets will be available at all doors of the church to accept your donations as you exit.
  • Sign of Peace – it will be appropriate to offer a reverent bow and or verbal greeting.
  • Reception of Holy Communion will be in the form of the Sacred Host only and will be received in the hand.
  • There will be no Hymnals or Missals available.  If you wish to access the information on your phone, that will be acceptable at this time.  Liturgy sheets are also available on our parish website to print and bring to Mass.  However, all items brought into Mass must be taken out as you exit.