The Morgan Family: We moved to Loudonville in 1981 and had to find Catholic church and school community for our family.  We tried two churches and chose St. Pius X.  We felt an immediate connection and could see a vibrant parish with all ages.  We knew we made a wise decision.

Our daughters, Kelly and Casey, received their sacraments at St. Pius X.  The atmosphere in our church and school was loving and safe.  We tried to set good moral examples and virtues for our daughters, but can always use a hand… That’s where our parish and school also taught our daughters love, compassion, forgiveness, honesty and acceptance.  From Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy Communion, Confirmation and then Kelly and our son-in-law, Bill, receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony, our children were always an integral part of our parish and our parish an integral part of their lives.

We also wanted to become a part of our parish by volunteering.  We received more from our giving to our church and community than we ever imagined.  We continue to attend St. Pius X because it is an extremely important part of our family.  We feel like we all grew up spiritually and emotionally here.

Life can be both joyful and heartbreaking.  Over the 37 years, our priests have been with our family through both ends of emotions, the highs and lows, the good and bad.  With each special Mass, ceremony or prayer service, we feel the grace of God and the love of the community.  Our family is so blessed to continue growing.  We now have three generations that call St. Pius X their “home”.  We know our newest family parishioner, Matthew is enjoying starting his faith journey by coming to Mass.  Of course, it helps that he enjoys snacks during Mass!  He’ll soon be attending Kids’ Bible.  We can’t imagine what our lives would be without St. Pius X.  We continue to meet “new” friends and cherish our “old” ones.  It is our guardian angel… always watching out for us.