March 8: With today’s time change, a quite evening observing the night sky together is a nice way to adjust. How many starts and planets are visible? If anything sparks your kids’ curiosity, share the learning experience by visiting the library or a kid-friendly space together.

March 9: Watch a movie together about the sacrament of reconciliation. ODB Films has plenty you can stream for free. Visit ODB Films and search “reconciliation.”

March 10: Search things around at dinner tonight. Have your children in in your usual seat and you can take theirs. If they’re old enough, have them serve you to show that we are all called to serve.

March 11: Together, create a family motto that reflects you family’s love for God and service to others.

March 12: Make a gratitude list. Have everyone write what they’re grateful for. Then discuss ways you can share your gifts with those who need them.

March 13: Bring peace to your loves by receiving God’s forgiveness. If you haven’t already, make plans to receive the sacrament of reconciliation this Lent. Many parishes offer group penance services during Lent. Celebrate the joy of forgiveness with a family treat afterwards.

March 14: Celebrate your family history by sharing an old family story, childhood memory, or photo album with your kids. Ask them to share a story of their own they will want to tell their kids someday.