March 22: Today is Laetare Sunday, the halfway point of Lent. Today, we begin to see light at the end of the tunnel. Have your kids share the light of Jesus by encouraging them to write a letter or note to someone who could use cheering up.

March 23: Talk about ways your family can practice the spiritual works of mercy, which can’t easily be “seen.” These are things like teaching others about God, comforting those who need it, forgiving others, and praying for the living and the dead.

March 24: Is anyone’s room littered with toys? Play a trust-building game. One person is blindfolded while another guides them to safety through the mess. Don’t forget to wear a blindfold yourself and allow your kids to guide you, too!

March 25: Invite your kids to draw pictures of Mary and add them to your cross display. If you have a Mary statue, place some spring flowers there and teach your kids to sing the hymn “immaculate Mary.”

March 26: Plan some spring cleaning for this weekend, and give everyone a job to do. Invite your family to imagine the Holy Family taking care of their home, too.

March 27: Ask your children if they can remember a time they were sad, and what made them feel better. Talk about the people in your life whose hearts are broken right now. Together, brainstorm some ways your family can show them you are there for them. Jot down your ideas and take action.

March 28: Saturday game night! Try a family “communication” game like charades or telephone to keep everyone talking and listening to each other.