March 15: Learn about what Catholic families can do to safeguard God’s gift of water for all people by visiting Click on “Issues” and select “Water.”

March 16: Teach an act of contrition. It can be as simple as, “O God, I am sorry for my sins. Help me do better. I love you.”

March 17: It’s said that St. Patrick used a shamrock to teach the Trinity. Some related ideas: make a three-layer cake (with green frosting) or hold a shamrock scavenger hunt – cut shamrocks from construction paper (maybe write love notes on them) and hide them around the house.

March 18: Plan and plant a resurrection garden with your kids. They’re easy to make, indoors or out. Get started planning now so you’ll be ready in time for Easter. Find plans at

March 19: A St. Joseph table is an Italian tradition that overflows with food to be shared with the poor. Check Pinterest for ideas and try it. Enlist other families to get involved, too.

March 20: Many parishes have the Stations of the Cross tonight. If you can’t attend, go to another time and walk through them on your own with your child. This will give you a chance to talk about what happens to Jesus and prayerfully answer any questions your kids might have. *St. Pius has Stations each Friday during Lent at 7:00 pm*

March 21: The Jesus prayer, (O Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.), is a good one for kids to learn. Many people pray it quietly on their way to receive Jesus in the Eucharist, before receiving his forgiveness in reconciliation, or any time they need Christ’s mercy and peace.