Lent 2022

Your Journey Starts at St. Pius X!

Lent is a time to take a moment and reflect on how we can dive deeper into our relationship with God.

We hope you’ll join us for any of our Lenten masses and services, and reflect on how you’ll navigate your faith journey this Lenten Season.

Keep up with our new series, “Walsh at the Wheel,” below!

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Walsh at the Wheel Episode 1: Mapping Out Your Journey

1. Are there one or two Commandments that need your attention this Lent?

2. Do you tend to add to or subtract from God’s commands when applying them to yourself or to others?

Walsh at the Wheel Episode 2: The Stop Sign

1. What’s the purpose of your life?

2. What matters most in your life?

3. What matters least in your life?

Walsh at the Wheel Episode 3: Merging Traffic

1. Which of the Corporal Works of Mercy can you incorporate into your life during Lent?

2. While traveling, have you ever considered saying a decade of the Rosary with your family for those who are suffering? 

Walsh at the Wheel Episode 4: Detours

1. As Saints Frances Xavier Cabrini & Martin of Tours trusted God’s plan over their own, how open are you to changing direction when God places a detour in your path?

2. Are there any saints who play a role in your life? 

Walsh at the Wheel Episode 5: Making things right with God

1. When was the last time you received the sacrament of Reconciliation? What is hold you back?

2. Do you recognize that every sin is a forgivable sin?

Walsh at the Wheel Episode 6: Recharging our Faith

1. Do you listen to and take a piece of scripture from Mass each week and apply it to your life?

2. When walking down the aisle to accept Holy Communion, how can you be more mindful of the gift you are being given? What do we do after we receive it?

Reflect on the purpose of your life through the songs below!