April 5: Lord, God, give us the courage to hear your passion as though for the first time. Grant that we might for this moment stand in the darkness that enveloped the world before you redeemed it, that we might more deeply experience the dawning of our new life in the days to come.

April 6: May we embrace our baptismal anointing as priest, prophet, and king. May our lives be redolent of joy in the Gospel, and may we ever carry with us the fragrance of Christ.

April 7: We have fasted and prayer and given generously to those in need, O Lord. Now we ask to be set aflame, that we might be transformed, that we might become light from light.

April 8: God, help us to set aside the demands of our lives and recline at the table of your Word and your Body through these holy days. May our hearts not be complacent, and may our ears be open to hear uncomfortable truths.

April 9: You have commanded us to care for one another’s daily needs. Grant us the strength to bend down before our sisters and brothers and wash their feet, and the humility to let our feet be washed in return.

April 10: Into your hands, O Lord, we commend our lives, our spirits, and our souls. Keep watch for us when the darkness encroaches, and keep us safe under your wings when we can no longer keep vigil for ourselves.

April 11: Brighten our ordinary days, O Lord, with your light. Breathe in us, that we might find hope when we are stretched to our limit, and give us strength, that we might sing to your all the days of our life.