March 8: Lord, be tender with us, enfolding us in your love. Help us to be tender with each other, reaching out to those who live in fear and carrying your blessings to the ends of the earth.

March 9: God of mercy and compassion, we thirst for forgiveness. Let your mercy be upon us, that we might be signs of your saving power to all the world.

March 10: Seize our hearts and our minds, O Lord, and help us to set things aright. Extend your hand to us, and how us your saving power.

March 11: Help us keep our eyes fixed on you, O Lord. Let us not desire riches nor strive for honors, but seek you in all things and at all times.

March 12: Forgive us, O Lord, our inability to see those around us in need. Help us to care for each other with tenderness and dignity.

March 13: God, grant that I might hear your voice even in my dreams. Give me the courage to boldly walk in your ways, to take the steps, large and small, that bring your kingdom ever closer.

March 14: You, O Lord, are the source of all mercy. Help us to be ever more open channels of your grace and forgiveness to our brothers and sisters.