March 15: Enlighten our minds, O God, that we might know our strengths as well as our weaknesses. Help us to draw living water from Christ’s inexhaustible well, that we might use our gifts to quench the thirst of our brothers and sisters.

March 16: Send forth your light and truth, O Lord, that I might see your face in those I meet and hear your Word proclaimed on street corners and in kitchens. May you lead me to the place where you dwell, that I might sing your praises forever.

March 17: Your mercy, O Lord, knows no bounds. Grant that I can be openhanded in forgiving my sisters and brothers. May I be humble enough to know how often and deeply I am forgiven by you.

March 18: Make known to us, O Lord, your law, that you may train us in love and form us in grace. Strengthen us in our Lenten disciplines, and make us steadfast in prayer.

March 19: Tend the seeds you have planted in our hearts, O Lord, that we might grow to be what you have created us to be. Let us see the sings of what you are bringing to life, not only in ourselves but in our brothers and sisters.

March 20: Open our senses to see your traces in the world around us, O Lord. Let us breathe in your strength, that we might follow you with our hearts and minds and souls into the life to come.

March 21: God, teach us to patient and to be kind. Teach us not to seek our own interests but to be attentive to those of our sisters and brothers. Teach us to love, immoderately and unreasonably.