March 1: Renew within us, Lord, a steadfast spirit Return to us the joy we had at our baptism, and grant us the courage to once again live as you desire.

March 2: Your command, O Lord, is clear, your ordinances just. Open my heart that I might love as you love, without limits.

March 3: Break open our hearts, O God, that we might bear good fruit. Grant that what we return to you has achieved what you have willed for us.

March 4: All-merciful God, your people long for hands and hearts clean of sin. Accept our contrite hearts and humbled spirits, and bring us to perfection.

March 5: Build up your strength within us, O God. Do not forsake the work of you hands, but refashion our lives that we might once again stand upright in your presence.

March 6: The dawn can seem far away, O Lord, and we struggle to see your light on the horizon. Draw us up from the depths and from the darkness into your mercy. Give us the strength to reach out for our sisters and brothers in need.

March 7: God, you have given us the law and the prophets that we might know how to walk in your ways. Do not forsake us, but help us on the way to perfection.