Prayer can lead you to be the hands, feet, eyes and ears of Jesus

What does 52 years as a parishioner at SPX look like?  Well, for Jack Egan and his wife, it means volunteering! We are called through prayer to reach out to our neighbors in practical ways. And although Jack comes from a long line of volunteers in his family, it’s just a natural extension of who he is and where he’s come from. “I receive so much more satisfaction in doing. My life on this earth is only fleeting and I would like to think that I have made some small difference in the whole scheme of things. I have received so much from the Lord, it is only right that I give back to Him.”  Jack’s been a fourth grade Religious Education teacher for 10 years, co-chaired the Bingo committee, participated in the Sacramental Preparation Programs for Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage. He’s served as Chairperson of the Prayer and Liturgy Committee for nearly thirty years. Presently, he is a Eucharistic Minister and Lector as well as bringing Eucharist to the home-bound and helps to count the weekend collection.

Take time to Share 10 and reflect on how you are being called to be the hands, feet, eyes and ears of Jesus.  Thank you Jack Egan for exemplifying this so well.