Multicultural Event

‘A Parish Celebration of our Diverse Culture’

Our parishioners come from many diverse ethnic backgrounds and cultures and this enriches and blesses our community! We hope you’ll join us on Sunday, June 5th, following the 10am mass, for our Multicultural Event

We are encouraging parishioners to reserve a table to decorate and represent their culture at this Hospitality Sunday event!

Below are some ideas for decorating your table!

  • Flags from your country
  • A native dessert or dish to share
  • Faith tradition, picture or prayer in your language (i.e. Our Father)
  • Traditional Dress – feel free to wear your traditional dress that day!
  • Patron Saint of your country and brief description and/or image
  • Stamp or sticker that is representative of your country to “stamp” in kids’ passports as they stop by your table
  • Your family could decorate a tri-fold or make a poster reflecting the faith traditions, games, foods, topography or anything else they would like to share about their country of origin
  • Craft or coloring sheet for kids that stop by your table

Be creative & have fun!