Welcome to the St. Pius X High School Youth Ministry page! We are in the process of creating a group for the high school teens of our parish, so be sure to check back here for more information in the future!

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Please click on the photo below to see a clip of time in prayer during the Peer Disciple Week leading up to the St. Isaac Jogues Youth Conference 2017. We worked hard – building and assembling the stage, tents, trenches for electrical equipment, and more! We played hard – learning how to play and lead silly, fun games, and teaching hand motions to the theme song for the conference. But most of all, we prayed hard – spending time in scripture, listening and reflecting on talks and teachings, discussing our prayer lives in small groups, praying for one another and everyone attending the conference, and praising God each night as we prepared to be sent out on mission! God is Good!

Music: “This Is The Time” by Emmanuelworship


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