Hour of Prayer for Healing

Please join us this Monday, August 27, from 6 – 7:00 pm, as we come together for an hour of prayer for healing for the victims of clergy sexual abuse.  We will have soothing music playing during the hour and will offer the opportunity for you to write down and add your intention to a basket in the church.

For those unable to be present physically on Monday, we invite you to send in an intention electronically to be put into the basket.  You can do this by emailing Jenn, our Parish Administrator, at secretary@stpiusxloudonville.org or through our website.  Please send them over by 4:30 pm on Monday afternoon.  We will also livestream this hour through our website and Facebook pages.  We hope that you will find a quiet spot and join us, if even for just a few minutes, in prayer.

The evening will conclude with a prayer for healing.