Improve your typing skills while competing in fast-paced races with up to 5 typers from around the world.

Illustrated recipes designed to help kids age 2-12 cook with their grown-ups. Recipes encourage culinary skills, literacy, math, and science. 

Daily lessons and educational activities that kids can do on their own. 

Digital learning content for preschool through high school.

Online education program for toddler through high school.

News and more for kids

Guide to gardening for kids  

Life skills curriculum for students in grades K-12. Their resources include strategies for teaching social and emotional skills.  

Cool Kid Facts gives your child access to educational videos, pictures, quizzes, downloadable worksheets, and infographics. They can use these to learn about geography, history, science, animals, and even the human body.  

Kids Think Design explores careers in fashion design, graphic design, interior design, book design, product design, film and theatre, architecture, animation, and environmental design. 

Brainscape offers over a million flashcard decks for every subject, entrance exam, and certification imaginable. 

Critical Thinking resources for K-6 students 

Keyboarding practice   

Highlights Kids

Virtual Disney Rides