The Hisgen Family: My parents have been attending St. Pius X for over 40 years. Myself and two brothers were educated at St Pius from kindergarten through 8th grade and received our first reconciliation, first communion, and confirmation at St. Pius X. It was my mother’s wish that we learn from Catholic nuns, which we did. From kindergarten through 5th grade whenever there was a nun teaching, myself and my brothers were assigned to their class. Sister Anne, Sister Sheila, Sister Virginia, and Sister Alicia certainly shaped me and my brothers into the successful people we have become today.  My parents served the parish and school community as a room mother and helping with bingo on Friday nights. Now you will find them every Sunday at 8:00 Mass. Their dedication to St. Pius X never swayed even during periods of transition from Father Brown to Father Farano to Father Walsh (who my mother firmly believes should be the next Pope). After graduation, I went onto to Mercy for one year and then Holy Names and my brothers to CBA to continue our Catholic education. Today, my niece is the first female member of our family to serve mass. She attends Religious Education on Sundays and received her first Reconciliation and Communion at St. Pius. My brother, William volunteers as an usher on Sundays.