Growing Our Faith: A $5 Million Capital Campaign for a Parish Life Center, Improved Parking and Renovations at St. Pius X Church

The Growing Our Faith campaign will create space and resources to increase our ministries and programs for people all ages and to offer support for people facing the challenges of everyday life. 

Frequently asked questions and answers from those presentations are provided below.

Why does the church need a 15,000 square foot building to provide programs?

For a parish and school of our size, we only have two rooms and one parish hall for program use.  In addition, there is limited space for staff to do their work. The Parish Life Center will have a large multi-purpose room, seven meeting rooms, an enlarged Gathering Area for use before and after Masses, and a full basement.

What is the timeline for construction and completion of the new building?

Construction of new building will take approximately 10 to 12 months.  We broke ground in October 2020 and anticipate completion in late 2021.

How many parking spaces will be added, and will there be an increase in handicapped parking?

140 new parking spaces have been added which includes more than a dozen additional handicapped spaces. The final layer of pavement to the roadway and parking areas will be done when construction has been completed.

Will the new building have an elevator?

Yes, all three floors of the Parish Life Center will be accessible by an elevator.

How will the Gathering Area be changed?

The Gathering Area will be doubled in size with multiple areas to socialize and meet people.  There will be a refreshment area offering coffee, tea, and water before and after masses as well as for other occasions.

Will the Church or Chapel be impacted by the construction?

No, the Church and Chapel will not be touched or changed in this project.

What will the 2nd floor look like? How will it be used?

The 2nd floor will be a wide-open flexible space to provide for a variety of events.  This may include senior luncheons, specialized programs for youth, receptions after funerals and baptisms, speaker presentations, educational and bible study sessions.  There will be a service area equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, sink, and counter space.

What types of donations are needed for the project?

Campaign success comes from donations across multiple levels.  We are grateful for gifts that range in any size from $25,000 to $100.  And of importance, each gift, no matter the amount, is needed and greatly appreciated.

Will any funds raised for this project go to any sexual abuse lawsuits against the diocese?

No, not a cent.

I would like to support this project. How do I contribute?

We welcome your support whenever you are ready. Please contact Molly Poleto, Campaign Manager, by email at or by calling 518-426-1336, ext. 2023.

Contact information:  Phone: (518) 462-1336, ext 2014 or Email: