Hello, I’m Father Walsh, the pastor at St. Pius X Church. I’d like to take a couple of minutes to tell you about our “Growing Our Faith” Capital Campaign.

The Growing Our Faith project involves three components where we will;

  1. expand our parking lot by 140 spaces (already completed!),
  2. build a new 15,000 square foot building, and
  3. renovate some of our existing space.

You may ask why we are doing this? We are doing this because we have plateaued. We offer quality programs but have very limited space to offer what to do even now. With the vision to invite and reach many more people, there’s just not enough room to accommodate even one more program.

This new and renovated space will help us to…

  • deepen our faith,
  • help people within St. Pius X and outside, with their problems, and
  • build relationships with each other.

The good news? With a campaign goal of $5 million, we have raised all but $400,000! We are close to our goal. In the coming months, I will be asking you to help us with that $400,000.

If we reflect on the history of St. Pius X and our beautiful campus, we recognize the sacrifices of those before us. It is from their sacrifices that we are able to worship and help each other today. Now it’s our turn. I want to take us to the next step, and am hoping that you will join me in making a sacrificial gift to take us to the next level…the next level where we deepen our faith, help people with their struggles, and help build connections here at St. Pius X.

In Christ,

Fr. Jim Walsh, Pastor