Gather 10

Discussion Questions: Week of April 11, 2021

FIRST READING:  Acts of the Apostles 43:32-35

Read the First Reading (Acts 4:32-35).  What are your initial reactions to this passage?  How would you feel offering all of your possessions and earnings equally to everyone in your community?

The generosity of those who gave to the community through Advent in a Box and Lent in a Can was incredible.  Can you think of other ways we can be generous toward our Christian family?

SECOND READING:  1 John 5:1-6

It says in the Second Reading, “His commandments are not burdensome” telling us that God’s commandments are actually a mercy, freeing us from the slavery of sin.  Are there any commandments you find burdensome?  

GOSPEL:  John 20:19-31

The Gospel talks about Thomas doubting the Apostles’ account of Jesus’ return.  What is your attitude toward people who doubt truths that you hold dear?

Why do you think Thomas had to see the material evidence to believe it was Jesus?  What kinds of things cause you to doubt?  How do you turn your doubt into faith?

In the Gospel, Jesus breathed on the disciples and said “Receive the Holy Spirit.”  He knew the Apostles would need the Holy Spirit’s guidance.  Who is your “go to” person in your time of need?  Where does the Holy Spirit fit in to that?