Gather 10

Discussion Questions: Week of November 24, 2019

This week’s discussion questions are based on the Gospel found at Luke 23:35-43

  • In the Gospel reading, the cross is the throne from which Jesus rules as King when he makes His promise to the good thief. How does this idea of the cross as a throne fit with your image or expectations of a king? Do you feel the cross is an appropriate throne for Christ? 
  • When did you first come to understand the power of the cross? What are some ways that the cross has impacted your life?
  • Jesus’ exchange with the good thief offers us a profound sense of hope that the gift of eternal life will be offered to all who are open to that gift.  If “deathbed salvation” is possible, would you caution people to not wait until then? Why?
  • How can you show your devotion to and appreciation for the cross of Jesus as you go about your life this week?


It has been said that Gratitude is the secret to happiness because it anchors us to the present moment, reminding us of what matters most and what matters least. This Thanksgiving, make a list of people, experiences, things, or blessings for which you are grateful.   Then pray, “Loving Father, thank you.  Thank you for blessing me in so many incredible ways.”  And have a wonderful holiday!