“The young adult small group has been an uplifting experience to be able to reflect with my peers about life as a Christian. The conversations we have had over the past few weeks have been life giving because the other group members have shared with great depth and honesty. Not only is this a group I look forward to attending weekly, we have become friends and knowing I have a support network here at St. Pius has been huge. Knowing that we can be real with each other and that we don’t walk this road alone keeps me coming back. Faith can be tough at times, but sharing it with others you can trust can make even life’s greatest challenges more manageable.” ~ Dan Jason (Young Adults Group)

“The reason I like the small group sessions is that I get to know more parishioners from our parish, and it gives us more insight to the readings from Mass the previous Sunday, and how it affects us in our own lives.” ~ Bonnie Perry (Mixed Group)

“Small Groups has helped us to strengthen our marriage and our prayer life.  In terms of our prayer life, we have become aware of how we pray, when we pray and how we can look to God for guidance and support.  With this closer inspection of prayer, we as a couple have become closer to one another and are trying to put God first in our marriage.

Our group has stayed together for both sessions and plans to continue meeting over the summer.  We have formed a strong bond and have made wonderful friends in the process.   It is such a supportive environment that has helped us feel closer to one another and the St. Pius community.” ~ Bernardo and Ellen Gauna (Married Couples Group)

“As a newcomer of St. Pius X, the opportunity to join a Small Group came at the perfect time in my life. I didn’t know what to expect, but what started out as some women getting together to recap the readings from Mass and discussing how those readings relate to our everyday lives, has turned into a group of friends who look forward to getting together each week to check in on each other, celebrate the highs, support the lows, and see where the next set of discussion questions takes us. Being part of Small Group has given me the sense of belonging I was looking for in a church.” ~ Judi Stento (Women’s Only Group)

“Participating in a small group at St. Pius has been an amazing blessing in my life.  Each week we discuss how the readings and related questions resonate in our lives and struggles.  It is so inspiring to hear how the Lord has guided others in times of joy, sadness and despair.  We have developed trust and friendship that is based in our shared faith.  What an incredible gift!” ~ Jenny Levine (Women’s Only Group)

“As a facilitator of a Gather 10 small group for over 8 weeks, I have observed that the chance to share our faith in a small group setting has become such a valuable opportunity for each of the members of our group. We are all at different points in our faith journey and the entire group benefits from learning about how others have faced similar challenges. The discussion questions provide the stimulus to explore our relationship with God and each other. The weekly meetings have become one of the foundations of my faith journey.” ~ Keith Martens (Mixed Group)

“Participating in small groups has become a meaningful new part of my spiritual discovery.  As much as I love gathering with the whole of the church for Sunday mass, there is something unique about an intimate gathering around a dining room table or in a cozy living room. It’s led to a trust and closeness among our small group that enables us to talk openly about our faith, about thoughts and questions we have in common, about challenges we face and about hopes we hold close to our hearts.” ~ John Mousaw (Mixed Group)

“I have always tried not to confuse the message and the messenger; not crediting a particularly good homilist or penalizing a poor one, but assuming the responsibility to understand Jesus was mine alone.  The small group experience opened me to the perspective of others that added another dimension to my faith.” ~ Jim O’Keefe (Men’s Only Group)

“Small Group helped me to feel more centered.  Meeting as a group of adult women once a week to discuss our faith, ultimately led us to discuss personal aspects of our lives and the role that God plays in our choices and thoughts. We all quickly realized that as a group, as different as we may be, we all share similar struggles, experiences and joys.  We talked about how our faith and our personal relationship with God has supported us up until now and what we can continue to do to feel God’s presence in our daily lives.  Our weekly small group discussions led me to a more conscious awareness of my faith on a daily basis.” ~ Denise Grant (Women’s Only Group)