Welcome to Gather 10!

The place where our great big church becomes a great small church!


Catholics typically pray alone or in a large group setting, such as in a church.  But today’s Catholic can also find meaningful moments of prayer and community in smaller groups with a few other believers. For additional information or questions please contact Ann Rose at smallgroups@stpiusxloudonville.org or 518-462-1336, ext 2017. For information about Virtual Small Groups, click here.

With this in mind, St. Pius X has a ministry called Gather 10/Small Groups.  A typical group is made up of 6-10 people who meet once a week for four weeks.  In these gatherings, we challenge each other to develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship not only with Christ, but with each other.   Discussion allows members to go deeper in the Sunday readings and weekly message by relating them to their own life experiences.  Members pray for one another, care for one another, and develop friendships with others who are growing in their faith.  Small Groups help us understand how best to combine our everyday and spiritual lives. 



There are several groups from which to choose:  Men’s Only, Women’s Only, Mixed Group, Young Adult Group (ages 18-29), and Married Couples Group.  You may also create your own.  Read the excerpts of testimonials below to learn how St. Pius X parishioners feel about their experiences.  For the full testimonial, click on the link below.

We encourage everyone at St. Pius X to be involved with Gather 10/Small Groups and to invite their friends and neighbors.  Everyone is welcome!   

“. . . Not only is this a group I look forward to attending weekly, we have become friends and knowing I have a support network here at St. Pius has been huge. Knowing that we can be real with each other and that we don’t walk this road alone keeps me coming back.”  ~ Dan Jason (Young Adults Group)

“ . . .We have formed a strong bond and have made wonderful friends. It is such a supportive environment that has helped us feel closer to one another and the St. Pius community.” ~ Ellen and Bernardo Gauna (Married Couples Group)

“. . . Participating in a small group at St. Pius has been an amazing blessing in my life. It is so inspiring to hear how the Lord has guided others in times of joy, sadness and despair.  We have developed trust and friend-ship that is based in our shared faith.  What an incredible gift!” ~ Jenny Levine (Women’s Only Group)