Below are two links to help you make musical selections for a funeral Mass.  All of these hymns have been approved for use in a Catholic funeral Mass.  We ask that all choices remain non-secular in nature.  If you have a hymn you would like to use which is not found on the list please let us know, we are happy to work with you.

Music is important in that the songs you choose help to celebrate your loved one and the way they lived their life.  Or, maybe they had hymns that they held dear to them.  Four hymns will be selected for the Mass with the option of a fifth.  You may choose the order you wish them to be played or our Music Director will happily do that for you.  The following are the times during the Mass that you will choose music for:

  • Processional (as the deceased and their family members process to the front of church)
  • Preparation of Gifts (gifts are brought to the altar and prepared for communion)
  • Communion (played during communion)
  • Recessional (as the deceased and their family members recess out of church)
  • There is also the option of a communion meditation to be performed.  This is played after communion while those in attendance are silently praying.