Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message:

In 2018, we did 111 baptisms at St. Pius X.  Baptisms are a wonderful time for families and I enjoy being a part of the joy of the moment.  At baptism, we are given the seed of faith.  It’s our responsibility grow the seed of faith because it will develop into a ticket to heaven.  How do we grow that precious seed?  We do it through private and public prayer….just like Jesus did.  Through a private prayer life (“Take 10” – taking 10  minutes a day in personal prayer) and a public prayer life (attending Mass and praying with others), our seed will grow beautifully.  Those two things are the water that are essential for the seed of faith to flourish. 

“Miracle grow” really gives growing seeds an extra boost beyond just watering them doesn’t it?  The “miracle grow” for our seed of faith includes the extra little things we do….reading scripture, praying the stations of the cross, making a visit to church during the week to sit with our Lord, service to others, etc. 

Have you ever noticed that the brown grass on our lawns that result from drought, and appears to be dead, can be revived with several rain showers?  That’s like the seed of faith.  Even if dormant, when we water the seed with private and public prayer, it’ll grow.  That’s an important message for those who feel they could never make a comeback after years of being away from our Lord.