Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message:

I heard a wonderful expression in reference to a recently deceased person – he was referred to as a “genius at living life.”  I think we all can be a “genius at living life” if we can accomplish the things that are most important to us at our deepest level: joy, peace and loving others and being loved.  Here’s a question: can following the commandments be the key to finding the things we want most in life and thus becoming a “genius at living life?”  A dog is generally good at sensing danger but they have some weak spots.  One is they have no fear of running onto roads with cars traveling on them.  That’s why we need leashes.  Dogs view leashes as a loss of freedom (they can’t run when and where they want) but owners see leashes as a tool that prevents their dog from being killed.  Humans are like dogs – most times we’re doing what we need to do to attain those three things we want most in life but occasionally we get sidetracked, typically when we ignore one or two of the commandments.  In some ways, the commandments are the leash that helps us stay focused.  So here’s a multiple guess question for you.  Are the commandments a) a series of rules and regulations that attempt to control you, limit your freedom and ensure you have plenty of guilt trips?  Or, are they b) guidelines provided by God for helping us to achieve the things in life that are most meaningful and, thus, becoming a “genius at living life”?  Many, many people today would answer a) and view the commandments as a buzz-kill for all the fun stuff in life.  But, Jesus would answer b).