Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message:

We continue our discussion series on the Jesse Tree, which is decorated with Jesus’ ancestors and other important figures in the bible.  1.  Abraham is symbolized by a tent because God sent 3 men to Abraham (who was standing outside his tent at the time) to tell him he would have a son is his old age and that he would be the father of many nations.  The take away for us: God can do the impossible (help us with addictions or seemingly impossible situations at home, school or work).  2.  Isaac is symbolized by a ram.  God wanted to see how devoted and obedient Abraham was so asked him to sacrifice his son, Isaac.  Once God saw Abraham’s faithfulness, he told him not to sacrifice Isaac, but, instead, sacrifice a ram caught in the brush.  Take away: Abraham is a wonderful model of someone totally dedicated to God.  3.  Jacob is symbolized by the ladder.  Jacob had a dream that a ladder connected heaven and earth with angels running up and down the ladder.  God appeared in a dream to him and told Jacob he too would be a father of many nations.  Take away:  Jacob was a flawed person – a manipulator and liar.  But God uses flawed people like Jacob, you and me to carry out his plan.  4.  Joseph (not Jesus’ foster-father but an earlier Joseph) is symbolized by a coat of many colors (given to him by his father as the favored son).  His 11 brothers became very jealous of him for this and sold him into slavery, but Joseph emerged  and became very powerful.  Because of the way he was treated by his 11 brothers, Joseph had every reason not to help them in their time of desperate need but he did.  Take away:  Forgive those who have hurt us even though they may not deserve our forgiveness.  5.  Moses is symbolized by the 10 commandments.  God gave Moses the 10 commandments on Mt. Sinai to signify his covenant with his people and as a basis for moral behavior.  Take away:  One of the ways we demonstrate our love for God is obeying the commandments.

Please continue to pray about the two greatest gifts God gave you and if you’d be willing to share them with our parish family.  We’ll be matching your gifts with one of our ministries on the weekend of January 12 and 13.