Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message:

What do you do when you hit the wall…the spiritual wall?  You’re going along in life and then all of sudden….bang.  You’re told you have cancer, your spouse asks for a divorce, your best friend tells you s/he no longer wants to be your friend, someone you know is seriously injured in an accident or those times you’ve prayed for something and it doesn’t happen.  You hit the spiritual wall and are suddenly filled with confusion about God.  That’s what happened to Peter, James and John today.  They thought they were just going to a mountain to pray with Jesus.  But they powerfully encountered Moses, Elijah and God the Father, and then, Jesus told them not to tell anyone what happened.  Confusion.  More confusion surfaced the longer the disciples followed Jesus and culminates in one of the most powerful moments in the scriptures (Jn 6:60-69) when, in the midst of confusion, Jesus asks Peter and the other disciples, “Does it shake your faith?”  Many of Jesus disciples were leaving him over the confusion and he asks Peter, “Do you want to leave me too?”  Peter responds he will remain. 

Peter and the other disciples simply bounced off the wall during moments of confusion and kept going, despite not having all the answers.  Further, with time, they became more comfortable with uncertainty and confusion. So, that’s that the takeaway this weekend: just keep going in times of confusion and uncertainty, and work toward becoming more comfortable with both.