Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message:

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married about a year ago.  The homilist at their wedding talked about love and I want to share some of his thoughts on the power of love in light of Jesus’ commandment to love one another in today’s gospel.  He said, “Love changes lives and it can change the world.  Imagine our homes and families, neighborhoods and communities, governments and nations, businesses and commerce where love is the way.  When love is the way, no child will ever go to bed hungry in this world again, poverty will become history, weapons will be laid down and war no more and we will actually treat each other like we are family.”  That’s my image of heaven – a place of perfect love. A place where everyone is more concerned about others than they are themselves.  When our earthly journey ends, we are not prepared to enter the state of perfect love because of sin.  That’s why the Catholic belief in purgatory has always made sense to me.  We need to be prepared for the state of perfect love and that’s why we need to be purified following death.  Purgatory is not to be feared because we’ve made it home – we just need to purify ourselves by replacing sin with love to prepare ourselves for the perfect love that is heaven.