Frequently Asked Questions

Where do my donations to St. Pius X go?

Your donations are used in support of the daily operation of the St. Pius X campus.  Further, your donations provide for the religious, educational and charitable works of our parish.

How does St. Pius X uphold financial responsibility?

The Finance Committee oversees the fiscal health of the parish and insures that sound accounting principles and policies are instituted and followed.

Can I make non-cash contributions?

Yes.  Visit our giving options page for more information.

Can I give through estate planning?

Yes.  You will find more information under giving options.

How late in the year can I make a donation and receive a tax credit for this year's taxes?

Any gift received on or before December 31st is included.

Will I get a year-end contribution statment?

Yes.  You will receive a contribution statement by January 31st.