Greetings!  Confirmation Year One preparation at St. Pius X Church begins in the Fall Semester of the candidates’ 9th grade school year.

If you are looking to have your teenager begin formal preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation, please begin the conversation with the parish today by making an appointment to meet with Josh Kay, our Youth & Young Adult Minister. To schedule this meet and greet now, click here.

The main focus of Year One Confirmation Preparation is to integrate candidates into the life of the parish.  It is designed to run in conjunction with High School Youth Ministry (HSYM), our parish Faith Formation for high school youth in grades 9-12, which meets Wednesday evenings. Please visit our HSYM page of our website here for more information.

In addition to HSYM, Candidates will be keeping a “Reflection Journal” that requires them to provide personal insight on different aspects of the St. Pius X community. Candidates are required to attend, participate, and reflect on:

  • Four Masses (any masses held at St. Pius X Church, including Sunday masses, Holy Days and Feast Days),
  • Three HSYM nights (High School Youth Ministry meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Parish Center (A copy of our High School Youth Ministry schedule can be found below)
  • Two Parish Service Projects (you can become involved in a parish ministry or serve at one of our many outreach projects throughout the Capital Region), Click on the Parish Service button below for more information.
  • Two Parish Events (Parish events are activities that don’t fall into any of the other categories, examples are: the annual Parish Picnic and Super Freeze party, Reconciliation, Stations of the Cross during Lent, Hospitality, Concerts, and Speakers etc… We will keep you updated with new parish event opportunities!)

All journal reflections should be submitted electronically using the forms found under the “Reflection Journal” button.

Lastly, over the course of our two year program, candidates are required to attend one retreat. This can be one of our in house retreats offered each fall, or one of our summer retreats made available to our high school youth ministry. More information regarding these retreat opportunities will follow soon.

Registration Process:

Step One: Schedule meet and greet with Josh Kay at ,,  or 518-462-1336 x 2009.

Step Two:  Please fill out the registration form located through the Registration button to the right. *Payment: We are unable to collect electronic payments for the Confirmation fee of $75 at this time. Checks can be mailed to the parish office OR checks/cash can be brought with you to the: Parent/ Candidate Meeting (see Step 3)

Step Three:  Parents and Candidates: join us on Sunday, October 17th, for an informational meeting, from 11:00am – 12:15pm in the Parish Center to kick off our Year 1 Program!