The Clark Family: When we moved to St. Pius X parish in 1970, we had three children ages just two, one and three months.  I feel life we all grew up in St. Pius.  We have wonderful memories of St. Pius School with Sr. Sheila, Sr. Teresa of Avila, Miss Biondo, Mr. Gent and other wonderful teachers.  We became boosters and coaches of the teams (Sr. Kathleen and Mrs. Clark—first soccer team—yikes).

We celebrated First Communions, Confirmations, eventually a wedding and finally, Jim’s funeral in the beautiful church.  Several of our grandchildren were baptized here and last year we celebrated our grandson’s Confirmation.  All of these milestones were celebrated with great care, consideration and compassion. 

Our first Pastor was Fr. Conway, who became our good friend.  We had the wonderful experience of having, as our summer visitor, his niece from Ireland.  When Fr. Farano came, we experienced lots of expansion of the parish ministries.  Despite all of his duties here and those of the Diocese, he was never more than a phone call away.  He was quick to listen and a voice of reason.  He was part of our family.  Fr. Walsh has been the greatest Evangelist… he is constantly bringing new families and new ideas and programs for parish life.  The remarkable staff who facilitate the many ministries are always smiling and carrying on our mission with joy and efficiency that makes volunteering a pleasure for all ages. 

Thank you, St. Pius X, for all you have given our family.  We have all found peace and consolation at St. Pius during the ups and owns of our lives.  We will always be grateful.