April 5: At your family meal today, make today’s palms your centerpiece. Have everyone write the names of people they will pray for this week on pieces of paper and place them near your palm branches.

April 6: Teach your family how to pray with aspirations. They’re simple, three- or four-word prayers you can say whenever you need to get in touch with God. Some examples: “Jesus, I love you,” or “Blessed be God,” or “Mary, pray for me.” Say them as you breathe in and out, deeply and slowly.

April 7: Help children understand Jesus’ passion and death at their own level. Children’s Bibles or prayerbooks can help, and your parish might even be able to lend you some. Answer questions as honestly as you can, and remind your kids that Jesus’ death isn’t the end! Easter Sunday is coming!

April 8: Many families count the days until the Feast of Divine Mercy on April 19 by saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Try it today.

April 9: If you can’t get to church tonight, reenact the washing of the feet in John 13:1-15 at home. Say the above prayer afterward.

April 10: Between noon and 3:00 pm today, make some time for silence. It doesn’t have to be three full hours. You might set out some holy books to reach. Or together, just look at the cross, the sky, or the world outside. Think about the love that Jesus has for you.