2022 Lenten Breakfasts

Join us for the 2022 Lenten Breakfasts!

We’re excited to announce that our 2022 Lenten Breakfasts will take place at the Wolferts Roost Country Club on Saturday, March 5th from 8:30 – 9:30am

This event will not be livestreamed or recorded to view at a later date

These breakfasts are a great way to begin the Lenten Season and hear how our own parishioners’ faith-lives and personal-lives intersect. The cost is $23 per attendee, and must be paid prior to the date of the breakfast.

Our 2022 Speakers

Bob Spellmeyer

Rhea Clark

Bob is originally from Long Island, NY; he has three kids, six grand children, and his wife Deni passed away in June 2021. 

He received his B.S in Economics from the Villanova School of Business, and received his MBA from the Temple University School of Business. He has been a St. Pius X Parishioner since 1971. In his professional career, Bob was the Co-owner of ALCCO, a floor covering distribution business which was originally based in Albany, and he currently is on the board of Belknap White Group, which is the largest flooring distribution business in the United States. 

Bob looks forward to sharing how God has impacted both his personal and professional life, and how he has incoporated the acronym: TUG (Thank You God). “All we have is on loan from God. It’s a gift God is with us 24/7 full time, not part time.” 

Rhea and her family have been parishioners at St. Pius X Parish for over 50 years. She has four children and nine grandchildren.

Although she considered herself a stay-at-home Mom, she didn’t stay home too much. Over the years, Rhea has been very active in our service ministry; enjoying volunteer opportunities at St. Anne Institute, St. Joseph’s Food Pantry, and various parish functions. Likewise, she’s been active in the nursing home visitng programs, Rosary and Communion service at Atria, Loudonville Home for Adults and Hudson Park, as well as visitng homes of our elderly shut-ins. Most recently, you’ll see Rhea as an Ambassador and part of our St. Pius X Meal Ministry.

“Throughout my life, I have been so grateful for my faith and the opportunities I have had to work with so many wonderful people to spread ‘the Word’ and see the joy that comes from our community activity.”

For Questions

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