March 1: Talk about how Jesus quoted Scripture when confronted with temptation, and make reading the Bible together part of your Lenten plans. (If you don’t have a family Bible, access one online at

March 2: The corporal works of mercy are based on the gospel reading we hear today. Find ways your family can welcome Jesus in our brothers and sisters during Lent. Check to see what opportunities St. Pius has to get you started.

March 3: Say the Our Father together. Invite everyone to take one line from the prayer and draw what it means to them. Put all the drawings up near your family crosses.

March 4: Record a family movie. Invite everyone to share one thing they’ve done this week to share God’s love with one other person, or a way someone shared God’s love with them. That’s a movie to save forever!

March 5: Who in your community needs the help your family can offer? Pray as a family, asking God’s guidance and help. Over the coming days, listen for God’s answer and take action.

March 6: Invite everyone to look at the crosses they’ve made or hold a crucifix in their hands as they think of one person who’s difficult to love. Pray together silently about this.

March 7: Help your family grow as Christians and prepare for the sacrament of reconciliation with an examination of conscience, like the simple starter above. You can find other forms of this online or St. Pius.