Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message:

Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message:  Tough, tough readings this weekend – God telling us to lose the hatred and grudges we have toward others and to love our enemies.  Sometimes we need exemplary examples of others to overcome daunting tasks.  Remember Officer Steven McDonald of the NYPD who died last month?  His funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York drew national attention.  Recall that he was shot 30 years ago in Central Park by a 15 year old youth.  The shooting left him paralyzed from the neck down.  His wife was expecting their first child.  Shortly after the shooting, the officer publicly forgave his teenage assailant.  Where did he get the strength to do that?  His faith.  He believed that it was God’s will that he become a messenger for God’s message of forgiveness and reconciliation in the world.  Sometimes we need the example of people like Officer McDonald to show us that it is possible to forgive and love those who have hurt us badly.