Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message:

A group of Greek speakers said to Phillip today, “We would like to see Jesus.”  We see and experience Jesus in so many different ways in our life but I want to limit my comments to how we encounter Jesus in the disruptions of life.  One such disruption is in times of failure.  Abraham Lincoln lost 8 elections and failed at 2 businesses.  Those moments must have been filled with pain for Lincoln but God used those failures to forge him into the leader our country needed at a critical time in history.  Another example: being laid off or fired from a job, failing out of school or leaving a college because it wasn’t a good fit.  Isn’t it true that sometimes we would continue to endure agony in our present situation if it was not for getting fired or laid off or leaving a school that didn’t fit us?  Often times, we find joy after these painful disruptions and that is God’s hand.  Another example: our young adults have dreams of getting married someday.  They fall in love with someone (thinking this might be the person they will marry) only to be “dumped” by the boyfriend/girlfriend.  What a painful  disruption in life.  But, at a later date, they meet someone else – the one God had intended for them to be with – and they find joy. 

Illness is another example of a major disruption in life.  But can’t serious illness encourage us to do some things on our bucket list, spend more quality time with those we love, enjoy the present instead of always looking ahead, repair broken relationships and feel closer to God?  God is the silver lining in the painful disruptions of life.

Final thought: Phillip and Andrew were the link that connected the Greek seekers to Jesus. Is there someone in your life that you could invite to Easter Mass to help them connect or re-connect with God?  You’re the link between them and God.  Jesus asked us to help find his lost sheep.  There’s no better time than Easter to extend an invitation for them to join you for Mass as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.