Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message:

Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message: The recent devastating hurricanes have given me pause to reflect on the simple pleasure of sleeping on a dry mattress at night.  Wouldn’t you agree that sometimes we don’t reflect on things as often as we should?  Question:  When is the last time you reflected on heaven?  I ask the question because today’s first reading invites us do so.  1.  Do you ever think or dream about your deceased loved ones in heaven?  It’s comforting to know they are in the arms of our Lord and we could never make them as happy and content as they are in heaven.  That’s why we always say that when we cry for a deceased loved one, we cry for ourselves, not for them.   There is something about finding joy for our deceased loved ones even though it may be at the cost of our own agony.  2.  Do you ever think about being in heaven yourself someday?  What are you looking forward to the most – meeting Jesus, being reunited with loved ones, no more physical or emotional pain, living in perfect love?  Maybe all of the above and more.

Similar to taking the time to reflect on the simple joy of sleeping on a dry mattress, take the time to think and dream about heaven, especially at those moments when you find that this earthly life cannot satisfy your greatest longings.