Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message:

Did you notice what the disciples did prior to selecting Matthias as the replacement for Judas as the 12th Apostle?  They prayed.  Do you pray (asking God for wisdom and guidance) prior to making a critical decision? It really is the most important thing to do as we gather information prior to making a decision.  We’ll know God’s will by searching for which option yields the most peace and the least amount of anxiety.  It is possible to arrive at peace even though all our options may involve pain and suffering.  But here’s the best part about praying for guidance.  Even if our decision turns out to be one that causes pain, we know we’ve consulted our Lord and we can conclude it must be part of God’s larger plan that has not been revealed to us yet.  That, in itself, can bring us peace.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Moms and those who have served in a motherly role.