Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message:

Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message:  Last week, we talked about God’s desire for us to be holy and to be saints.  Today is all about God’s desire for us to be great.  Only twice in the bible does God talk about how to become great in his eyes.  The first is to teach about him and the second way is the theme of this week’s gospel, to become a servant of others.  The disciples are arguing today about who is the greatest and he tells them to that be great will involve being a servant of others.  That makes us think of Holy Thursday when Jesus washed the feet of his 12 apostles and said, “I have come not to be served but to serve.  So, too, you must do the same.”

We’re all about the number “10” here at St. Pius.  We’ve had “Take 10” (10 minutes a day in prayer), “Lose 10 to Gain 10” (lenten theme), “Gather 10” (small group theme) and now I want to introduce “Share 10″…our theme for 2018-19.  It involves taking 10 minutes a day or 1 hour a week or 4-5 hours a month in service to one another as way to become great in God’s eyes.  Many of you do wonderful service work for others outside of St. Pius and that is truly valued by our Lord.  But what I’m asking of you is will you “Share 10” with your parish family here at St. Pius?  Can you imagine if we ever combined the gifts, talents and passions of everyone in our parish family, can you imagine the impact we could make within the walls of our church and outside our walls?  We could transform our parish and the communities outside our walls.  And wouldn’t you agree that when Christ is the center of our lives, service work isn’t a burden or misery; it’s a privilege and a pleasure because it pleases God and helps us to be great in his eyes.

On the weekend of January 12/13, we are going to have “Share 10 Weekend” – an opportunity to sign up after all Masses for a ministry that utilizes your gifts, talents and passions.  I’m going to ask you to pray how you can “Share 10” especially if you are not currently involved in a ministry within our parish.  Imagine the power that can be unleashed from this parish if we pool our talents of every parishioners for 10 minutes a day or 1 hour a week or 4-5 hours a month…..and we become great in the eyes of God at the same time.  Wow.