Fr. Steve’s Sunday Message:

One of the most often repeated lines in the Bible is listed in both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Scriptures over 300 times: BE NOT AFRAID! We hear Jesus tell his disciples in the passage from Matthew’s Gospel to be not afraid! He was preparing them to go to preach to others and to know that He is always with them. It’s one thing to stand or sit around and listen to Jesus, but He wanted them and us to share the good news of God’s presence and unconditional love! We are invited to get involved in sharing the Gospel in any way we can, because once you have experienced God’s love, you want to, you have to, share it with others. Do your actions, your involvement of sharing your faith reflect that you believe God loves you? That God does not leave us alone? We believe in Jesus’ presence in Holy Eucharist. So, whatever God wants of you, be comforted in the words Jesus says to his disciples and to us: Be Not Afraid! (I am always with you!)