Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message:

A sense of peace and joy – those are the two things I think people want more than anything else in life.  Matthew Kelly of Dynamic Catholic says we all have a big hole in us.  I think that hole is our desire for a sense of peace and joy in our lives.  Kelly says that we try to fill the hole in different ways throughout our lives – with things, pleasures, money, accomplishments, social circles, etc.  Although they may work temporarily to fill the hole, the hole re-emerges with time.  I wonder if the woman at the well in the gospel today (Jn 4:5 – 42) was looking for a sense of peace and joy in her life in all the wrong places until she met Jesus?  When she accepted his gift of “living water” she finally found all she had been searching for in her life.

In this season of Lent, as we “Take 10” for Lent, maybe it’s not a bad idea to ask ourselves how are we filling the hole within us?  Are we depending on things, pleasures, money, social circles or accomplishments to fill the hole that keeps re-emerging?  Maybe our Lord is asking us to let him fill the hole within us so we might experience the long-term sense of peace and joy we all desire in this life.