Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message:

 “Everything you really want is just on the other side of uncomfortable.”  I love that wisdom because it’s true.  Crossing into the “uncomfortable” is possible when it comes “from the heart.”  That’s what the widow did in the gospel today – it must have been uncomfortable for her to share those two copper coins when she had so little.  But she shared “from the heart” and crossed into the uncomfortable.  Gifts “from the heart” have great meaning to the giver, receiver and our Lord.
In two months, we will have our “Share 10” Fair – an opportunity for us to share 10 minutes a day or one hour a week in service to others.  Sometimes it’s “uncomfortable” to share our gifts for many reasons: a) maybe volunteering is something we’ve never done before or b) it’s very difficult to try and carve out an hour per week with an already busy schedule or c)  we’re not sure what our gifts are or whether our gifts would be useful to anyone. This week, would you pray about what are the two greatest gifts God blessed you with?  You may need to ask your family and friends what gifts they see in you.  Some gifts are obvious and others are more subtle, but all can be used.  For example, at a recent Halloween party our parish hosted at a homeless shelter, artists ran craft tables, bakers made Halloween treats and people with fun-loving energy created a haunted house for children who have never experienced Halloween.  Your God given gifts, when shared from the heart, can make a tremendous difference in our parish and outside our parish.  So, please pray this week about what are your two greatest gifts and think about crossing over into the uncomfortable and sharing those gifts with your parish family.