Fr. Walsh’s Sunday Message:

The “daily grind” (doing those things we really don’t enjoy but that are necessary) is burdensome isn’t it?  You parents, students, caregivers and others know what I’m talking about.  Is there another, more positive way of looking at those tasks that make up our “daily grind?”  I think today’s story of John the Baptist can give us a healthy perspective on the grind.  He had the most undesirable job description in the bible. John the Baptist was asked to tell the people to get their lives in order because the Messiah (Jesus) was coming.  He surely was verbally and physically abused for his unpopular role.  He found the strength to do his “daily grind” because he knew his role was critical for our Lord to unfold his plan of salvation.  Some of your “daily grind” accomplishes the same thing.  So, this week, “Take 10” (meaning take 10 minutes every day to pray) and spend some time with our Lord reflecting on two thoughts.  First, experience God’s love and appreciation for your “daily grind” that allows God’s plan to unfold in your life or in the life of someone you come in contact with.  Second, think about someone who is especially worn down from the “daily grind” and reach out to them – visit them, email them, text them,call them and pray for them